Solo Exhibition |  Los Angeles | 2013

Anything can be beautiful when you look at it with love, so this Spring we paid homage to a new season and year of love and growth. We focused on cycles for this show and created a series of 91 distinct species of "metaliflora" to mark each day of the season. The brightness of their colors varied to reflect the cycles of the moon. Additionally, 12 new canscape hearts in our "Mucho Amor" series we created to represent gems that bring color to each month of the year. To create a fresh atmosphere for guests and really bring in the Spring, we filled the center of the gallery with a real grass lawn where people could chill out and picnic. It was a great show filled with wafts of sweet greenery, the sounds of DJ WIley and people enjoying themselves, and the feel of cool grass under your feet. On the 13th of April we held a children's workshop. It was a packed gallery with kids and moms and dads painting and cutting the place up. We were all into it and made a beautiful mess - a giant wake of all the blooming flowers. After all the flowers bloomed that afternoon everybody gathered to sing the birthday song to Paul. We felt the love all month. Thank you to Gennie and crew for an unforgettable Spring 2013. We're looking forward to many more seasons with you.