Solo Exhibition |  Time To Shine Gallery  |   Los Angeles  |  2014

"Time to Shine Gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition by Canlove with a full-gallery survey of transformations, compositions, and life-like forms - all created from objects considered trash. The diverse results achieved by the artists through their innovative and deceptively simple process of “Canscaping” - cutting up discarded spray paint cans and constructing work -  attempt to return these mechanical objects into a more natural state of being, creating a visual dialogue between order and chaos.

Chaos lives within each spray paint can and it uses pigment, pressure & other chemicals to express itself. Only by exposing the residual paint of an empty can to the air can the human eye see the natural texture and composition inside a can. The artists feel that without the element of chance, the work would not be able to retain its truly natural qualities. Canscape panels are simply cut and arranged - never painted - and are inspired by simple color harmonies found in the natural world."