Solo Exhibitions


Time to Shine Gallery |    Los Angeles   |     2014

"Time to Shine Gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition by Canlove with a full-gallery survey of transformations, compositions, and life forms, all created from objects considered trash. The diverse results achieved by the artists through their innovative and deceptively simple process of “Canscaping” - cutting up discarded spray paint cans and constructing work - attempt to return these mechanical objects into a more natural state of being, creating a visual dialogue between order and natural chaos." VIEW >


Parc Jean Drapeiu    |    Montreal    |     2013

We had an incredible time in Montreal at Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts thanks to the love and support of Fred Carron and Evenko. We created an interactive art experience alongside 150,000 awesome festival goers, world class musical acts, killer DJs and other artists. Stimulated, vibrated, painted, treated like kings, and turned all the way up. It was an incredible weekend filled with stories we rather tell in person. VIEW >


GR Space   |    Los Angeles   |     2013

For this show, we are focusing on some of love’s most enduring symbols. We believe anything can be beautiful when you look at it with love – an underlying theme throughout our work – and this spring, we pay homage to a new season and a new year of love and growth. This show features 91 distinctive metalifora handcrafted to reflect every day of the spring cycle, the brightness of their colors influenced by the cycle of the moon. In addition, 12 colorful heart canscapes have been created, spreading love to every month of the year.


941 Geary   |    San Francisco   |     2012

For our show, No Can Left Behind”, we decided on that title simply because it is the mantra that moves us. Our mission is turn every discarded spray can into a work of art and we really wanted to drive that message with the size and scale of the work. Secondly, it was an immediate challenge to ourselves to use every can we had in the studio. With the help and support of Stash Maleski and I.C.U Art we’ve collected and processed more than ten-thousand cans at the Venice Art Walls over the last two years. VIEW >


Streets of Wynwood   |    Miami   |     2011

We knew we had to do something big. And we knew we needed to take it to the Magic City streets of Wynwood. We always wanted to create a mobile flower cart and Art Basel seemed like a perfect place for its debut. It was a mad dash to coordinate and create it, but with the help and love of some of our friends we were able to create one of the freshest mobile artworks we had ever seen.  VIEW >

Group Exhibitions


Create Fixate  /  Lot 613 / Los Angeles, CA


The Group Show  /  Soze Gallery  /  Los Angeles, CA

Upcycled  /  Coral Gables Museum  /  Miami, FL 

UCLA Jazz & Regga Festival  /  UCLA  /  Los Angeles, CA


Surf & Skate Auction  /  Bergamot Station  /  Santa Monica, CA

Urban Legends  /  LA Mart  /  Los Angeles, CA


Surf & Skate Auction  /  Bergamot Station  /  Santa Monica

Up and Coming  /  Fountain Art Fair  /  Los Angeles, CA

Canceptual  /  Crewest Gallery  /  Los Angeles, CA

London Book Fair  /  Earls Ct /  London, England

Archetypes  /  View Art Gallery  /  Bristol, UK


New Group Show  /  Happening Gallery  /  Los Angeles, CA