Art & Music Festival | Montreal | 2013

We had an incredible time in Montreal at Osheaga 2013 Festival Musique et Arts thanks to the love and support of Fred Carron and Evenko. They delivered a truly unforgettable festival. We couldn't have captured it all without the magic eye of Colin M. Day and the plan wouldn't have worked without guidance and diligence of Neff Senior. Everybody from the groundskeepers and the security guards to the lift operators and event crew were extremely warm and great to work with.

Major shout out to Greg Brunet for the tremendous assistance the entire weekend. We met and hung with some great artists in Montreal including: the homies of Garbage Beauty, who every garbage day in Montreal beautify the trash left outside with fine calligraphy and thoughtful words; En Masse, the artist collective who run the street art scene in Montreal with their iconic black and white monumental murals; our new brother PERU143; Hot Tea of Minneapolis, who gets down with yarn like we've never seen; Adam and Station 16 Printshop, and PhilAnimal of Montreal, who will do everything it takes to make art happen. Also, Ben Frost stopped by to welcome us to his new city. He's very warm. Doesn't waste time. What else? The people! Interacting with thousands of people over the course of a weekend is intense. It was awesome and we loved every minute of it. We kept the hordes entertained with stories and live demonstrations of how we do what we do.

Can Love Osheaga MTL 2013_124.jpg

We had people popping cans, painting flowers, painting themselves, and painting others. Things got colorful to say the least and as days turned to nights things definitely turned up. Turnt, if you will. Well, that's it. No, wait a few more things. As much as everyone loved Graffitree and all the artists showing, it was about the music that weekend. We got to watch Big Boi, The Breeders, Beck, Macklemore, The Cure, C2C, Tricky, Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Pretty Lights, New Order, The Lumineers, Hot Chip, and a bunch of other DJs and groups. Stimulated, vibrated, painted, treated like kings, and exhausted. It was an incredible weekend filled with stories we rather tell in person. Please enjoy the evidence.

Can Love Osheaga MTL 2013_229.jpg